Fr, 04.07.2014: Konzert: Autonomads und Braindead

Autonomads_BraindeadNew Cats on the Block präsentieren: Autonomads (Dub-Reggae-Ska-Punk-Folk // Manchester) und Braindead (Skacore // Hamburg)!

We found each other through a mutual interest in punk, 90’s freeparty reggae, reggae, dub, folk and ideological ranting… Call it Anarchoskadubpunkyfolkyreggae (All one word). Aside of the music, which you are free to dance to, heckle, fold your arms to, whatever… We feel that the ‚punk scene‘ has always been a place to learn, chat shit, form critiques, get confused and listen to some dutty beats. The band has served as a platform from which we can share our ideas and meet other folk who wish to see the annihilation of capitalist social relations! We see possibility, beyond bills of rights, absolute freedom to earth and beast. We built this mother fucker, now lets see it burn! We choose to do-it-ourselves, and we work with labels that share the principles of D.I.Y. This way we can maintain control over our music and decide where we want to go with it.

We’re Braindead, a 3-piece from Hamburg/Germany, trying our best to keep Skacore alive in Europe since 2001. We have been bringing our style of fast Hardcore-Punk-meets-Skacore-meets-Dub to several European countries and have released a couple of Demos and CDs… 2010 saw the release of our full length debut, also being the first record to have been recorded in a *real* studio. ‚Weapons Of The Weak‘ contains 16 songs that represent our full range of musical styles and socialy engaged, angry lyrics, clockin in at just under 50 minutes. Since we don’t like the trend of bands releasing 17-minute records and calling them ‚albums‘, we figured we’d make a record worthy of the title ‚full length‘. We hope you like it. We hope you come out to a show if we’re in a town near you, as playing live is what we like to do most.

Freitag, 07. Juli 2014
Doors: 20 Uhr

Wie immer gilt: Kenne deine Grenzen und respektiere die von anderen Besucher_innen. Homophobie, Sexismus, Rassismus und andere Moppelkotze sind nicht willkommen.